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Dynamic Drawings (5th Series)

As highlighted in 'Bray Magazine' and 'Donkey Magazine'

ME Donk and Bryan - our seventh Donk.
Full name - Malcolm Eric Erasmus!!!

Claire, M.E. and L.O.T. - our eighth Donk.
Full name - Lorna Octavia Tessa (otherwise Miss Personality or Tessa Typhoon)!!!!

Bryan's first meeting with Herbie, new year 2007. Herbie barely 1 year old!

A Dictatorial Donk Into Dictionaries! #48

No 48 - A Dictatorial Donk Into Dictionaries!


  • A Dictatorial Donk Into Dictionaries!
  • Donks Are Daunted.
  • A Donk Digresses - Donks Don't Do Double Dutch!!
  • A Depressed And Disenchanted Donk - Questions Dividing?
  • A Deceitful And Domineering Donk!
  • Donks Domestic Dissensions Or Divorce?
  • Donks Don't Disparage or Disrespect.
  • Donks Don't Do Dicky.
  • Donks Don't Do Next Door - Donks Do Detached.
  • Plus colouring section
Donks Don't Do Dandruff!! #49

No 49 - Donks Don't Do Dandruff!!


  • Donks Dice With Lice!
  • Donks Don't Do Dandruff!!
  • Donks Dissuade, Disinfect And Dispose.
  • Donks Detergent And Deodrant.
  • Donks Do Downstairs / Below Deck.
  • Donks Don't Dress Up - Require A Dressmaker.
  • Donks Duplicate?
  • Donks Are Displeased.
  • A Dainty, Diddy Donk - Is A Draw !
  • Plus colouring section
Donks Do Dungarees. #50

No 50 - Donks Do Dungarees And Diss.


  • Donks Do Dungarees And Diss.
  • Donks Do West Dean.
  • Donks Do Gt. Dixter And Downland.
  • Donks Do Deene Park.
  • Donks Do Dorothy's Garden.
  • Dexterous Donks.
  • A Donk Does Delicious Deductions!!!
  • Donks Don't Do Dahlias; But Do Distinctive.
  • Donks Debate Design And Diversification.
  • Plus colouring section
Donks And The Delicatessen. #51

No 51 - Donks And The Delicatessens.


  • Donks And The Dales.
  • Donks And The Delicatessens.
  • Donks Distribute Donker Bread And Digestives.
  • A Donk Is A Depnophist!
  • Donks Devour.
  • Donks Distaste Dregs!
  • Donks Do Durham And NOT Dundee.
  • Donks Do Drum And Dun Castles.
  • Donks Do Dumfries And On The Way Down But NOT Douglas Or Dublin.
  • Plus colouring section
Donks Do Down To Earth Dakota. #52

No 52 - Donks Do Down To Earth Dakota.


  • Donks Dispel Dania Beach.
  • Donks Don't Do Decadence Or Dissolute.
  • Donks Deign?
  • Donks Don't Do Deference.
  • Donks Are Dismayed.
  • Donks Do Different Birds Than Doves.
  • Donks Do Different Dunes.
  • Donks Do Down To Earth Dakota.
  • Donks Don't Disunite And Direct To South Of Dallas.
  • Plus colouring section
Diligent Donks Don't Let U Down. #53  Diligent Donks Don't Let U Down. #53  Diligent Donks Don't Let U Down. #53  Diligent Donks Don't Let U Down. #53  Diligent Donks Don't Let U Down. #53  Diligent Donks Don't Let U Down. #53  Diligent Donks Don't Let U Down. #53  Diligent Donks Don't Let U Down. #53

No 53 - Diligent Donks Don't Let U Down.

Inc. Donks Detoxify Near Downham Market!


  • Donks Declare.
  • Donks Are Decisive.
  • Donks Dispatch.
  • Donks Don't Discourage.
  • Donks Do Drogo Castle.
  • Demonstrative Donks And A Docile Disposition.
  • Donks Discuss Disorganisation and Defaulting Deadlines.
  • Diligent Donks Don't Let U Down.
  • Dependable Darcy Donk.
  • A Fuddy Duddy Donks Demise - Donks Are Devastated.
  • Donks Dismantle And Distribute - Default Due To Debt + Don't Do A Direct Debit!
  • Donks Detoxify Near Downham Market!
  • Donks Don't Do - Disorientation, Duality, Drawbacks, Damp Squib And Dry As Dust!!!!!
  • Discrete And Deft Donks - A Dab Hand At Decoding, Derogatory Discourse And Demand No Degrading.
  • Donks Don't Do Dementia Denied - Desist Decay And Do Deportment Instead.
  • Donks Do The Ditch - A Dishevelled And Dysfunctional Donk And A Demure Donk Does NOT Dissolve!!
  • Donks Don't Do Doric Design.
  • Donks Don't Do Dunstanburgh Castle; But, Do Daunting Castles.
  • Donks Don't Do Diarrhoea Or Dyspepsia Or Dysentery!!!!!
  • Duped Donks Don't Do Disfigurement.
  • Donks Don't Do Defensive Drops And Divided Destination.
  • Discrete And Diplomatic Donks Don't Do Disclosures; But, Do Darbles And Detention.
  • Dissident Donks Don't Do Discrimination.
  • Donks Do Drills At Dinefwr; But, Don't Do Dylan Or Disinstruct.
  • Donks Don't Do Disruption And Diggers.
  • Donks Don't Do Decadence And Dissipation; But, Do D/Jammy Dodging.
  • Despairing Donks Don't Do Dubious And Disheartened Donks Don't Do A Dormer.
  • Donks Deplore OVER Development And Deprivation.
  • Dynasty Donks Are NOT Disillusioned And Don't Dwindle!!!!!!!!!
  • Donks Don't Do Deadbeats And Duds Nor Docks; But, Do Dough.
  • Desert Donks Do ???dinia And Are NOT Dolts.
  • Donks Don't Do Distress And DETEST Death.
  • Donks Down On't Springs.
  • Donks Do DBS Do And Dodgems.
  • Donks Don't Do Dildash Lane; But, Describe And Detoxify Near Field Dalling.
  • Donks Do ??damar Destination; But, Don't Do Deluge.
  • Donks Don't Do Dishes; But, Do Dishwashers And Radishes And Dopamine.
  • Donks Do Lockdown And Social Distancing With Old Dodders.
  • Donks Do Delf(t), Actually, Delph And What's On Their Doorstep!
  • Donks Do Denford Avenue And The Dunes.
  • Donks Don't Do Defective; But, Do A Defibrillator.
  • Donks Do A Different Diesel!
  • Detained Donks In Dire Danger!!!
  • Donks Do Doon To Dunoon In Discomfort; But, Are Not Drumtrodden!!
  • Donks Do Dozo In Gozo!!
  • Some Donks Are Dontopedalogists. Who Else?
  • Donks Do DownTIME With Dunlins And Destress Discovering More Outdoors.
  • (Cancelled due to COVID-19) - Donks Do South Dakota Dust-bowls With No Duster; But, With Deodrants.
  • Plus colouring section
  • THE END!!!!!!!!
After four hundred and seventy seven stories or fifty three books - I think I will cease scribbling and let U have a bash of thinking up a Donkey adventure. I may be scribbling quite another poignant story in the imminent future ! ! !